Software I use, gadgets I love, and other things I recommend.

I never get asked about the things I use in my day to day, but here some of them are. There are a lot more things sitting on or near my desk, but it would take a while to list them all.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    I picked this up after having multiple issues with my 2019 16” MacBook Pro including getting super warm and the fans running almost constantly.

  • 48” LG UltraGear™ UHD OLED Monitor with Anti-Glare Low Reflection

    Picked this up in January 2023 after using a LG 34” Ultrawide which did the job bet left me wanting a bit more real estate. I have loved the size, but the auto-dimming can be annoying at times.

  • LG 28-inch 16:18 DualUp Monitor

    Bought this at the same time I picked up the 48” UltraGear. I always like to have extra stuff up in the background, such as Teams and a Twitch stream, so I got this to be my secondary monitor.

  • Keychron K3 Pro

    While I own a bunch of keyboards, this is my latest daily driver. I like the compact size and the sturdy build quality

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    Picked this up in 2019 after sitting on a broken down Office Depot chair for years and using one of these at the office for a few years. Definitely worth the investment for the build quality.

Development tools

  • VSCode

    It's the editor I use for everything except C# currently. It's fast, for me, and extensible.

  • Jetbrains Rider

    Been using this when I work in C# as it just makes it so much easier.

  • iTerm2

    Using this with ZSH, oh-my-zsh, and a bunch of other plugins. It works.

  • DataGrip

    Started using this at USA Football and have paid for the license every year since. It’s a great tool for working with databases.


  • Raycast

    Started using the built in Spotlight and loving the ease of launching apps. After finding out about Raycast in 2022, I started using it and have grown to love the extra builtins.

  • CleanshotX

    It's a screenshot tool, but it's fantastic. I use this everyday and find it much better than the built-in screenshot tool.